Lost and Found Camp: Born of a shared dream to create a getaway space for people who make and do and seek. This is a camp and a retreat, a place you can come to rejuvenate and explore, connect, relax and learn.

The husband and wife team also behind Element Botanicals, Amber and Hardy Haase have a shared love of nature, losts arts, crafts and skills, as well as the drive to find deeper meaning and connection in their lives. Amber has formally studied herbalism, wildcrafting, botany, aromatherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reiki as well as other natural therapies and regularly teaches workshops on botanical crafts.

As self employed artisans, Amber and Hardy knew what they wanted in a vacation and have dreamed about a place like this for many moons; In the true spirit of DIY, they have created what they could not find. The result: Lost and Found Camp.